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    12-14 Hours over 4 weeks

    3-3..5 hrs/week for 4 weeks. Get immersed in the process.


    Saturdays 10 to 11.30 AM India Time

    Five 90-minute live sessions typically on Saturday mornings.

High-stakes communication matters

Storytelling Techniques can help you win

If you'd like to go from comments like these:
"You have no head or tail in presentation"
"Can you please get to the point?!"
“This slide is too busy, what's the story here?”

To comments like these:
“Well thought through, insightful, action items clearly defined ”
“Simple and engaging. To the point!”
“This is exactly what I wanted to see. As head of the business I feel proud of such a presentation !”

...you need to learn 'Effective Storytelling with Data'

... especially if you present data for a living!

This course is ideal for the following audiences

  • Finance, HR, Functional leaders

    Present compelling data narratives and convince your audience to accept your recommendations

  • Business and Project Leaders

    Put your best foot forward during critical review presentations and get audiences to approve your proposals

  • Consulting, Analytics, Data Science

    Present your findings to senior audiences with clarity and impact and persuade them to act

This comprehensive course makes Data Storytelling as easy as ABC(D)

  • ALIGN with Audience: Understand your audience and set a strong story foundation with the right data and analysis

  • BUILD the Narrative: Craft insightful messages, build a coherent narrative and add the right engagement elements

  • CHOOSE the right visuals: Choose simple charts, create intuitive slides and apply visual highlighting

  • DELIVER with impact: Prepare right and leverage the audience's curiosity to engage their attention and deliver with impact

...and is facilitated by a 'battle-hardened' coach

A Story coach who drives impact through a balance of structure and creativity

Founder, Story Rules

Ravishankar Iyer

Storytelling is both a science and an art. You need to combine both ‘left-brain’ and ‘right-brain’ elements to make it work well.
I come from the world of numbers and business, given my past as a CA, MBA and management consultant (hey, don’t judge me… we all make mistakes!).
But I also understand and appreciate the importance of ‘right-brain’ elements - an understanding that flowered during history-storytelling startup days (don't ask).
So, essentially you get the holistic, complete picture about storytelling!
For more details about my profile please visit my LinkedIn page

A course that's been proven to work...

Ravi has successfully delivered this course across leading firms

...and has gotten rave reviews from clients

"Ravi knows the science behind the story. His is a simple repeatable and scalable approach that brings real results.
Kevin Ignatius, KPMG Management Consulting

"His approach of storytelling is not only unique but simple enough for everyone to understand. It's been six months since the session, I can clearly see a marked improvement in the way my team (including myself) think about the story even though we have only numbers to present.
Vineet Jain, CFO India and Pricing COE APAC, Medtronic

We could observe vast improvement in all the review presentations given by the business heads…. Once again, you have gone above and beyond in your efforts to bring out the best in each of them!
HR Leader, InterGlobe Air Transport

Ravi is a master of storytelling. Lots of people have the ability to take your idea and create a great story. Very few people can take an already great story and make it ‘wow’. Ravi did that magic for our speakers
Ashwin Naik, Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Pune Leader

...as well as a highly acclaimed first cohort!

Akhila Ali

5 weeks of exclusive training in Data Story Telling by Ravishankar Iyer has changed my perspective on data presentations. Doesn't seem boring and difficult anymore :-)
It was one of the best virtual trainings I have experienced so far, and a big thank you to Ravishankar Iyer, to make it so interactive and exciting.

Uday Kiran

This is like the course you do to set things right after they've gone haywire. For a long time, I'd been struggling with data presentations- should you pick a bar graph or a pie chart for this data - how the heck do I make a story out of this excel... Ravishankar made us unlearn and then put us through a grind to learn.. :)

Abhishek Gupta

Loved being part of the cohort and the learning is already making a difference. Thanks Ravishankar Iyer!

I'm interested!

I'd love to transform my work outcomes. Please share more details and updates about the course via email.

Well, this e-Course is different

Designed with specific milestones and as a community learning experience

  • Course calendar that makes you work!

    This is not a 'self-paced' course! There is a clear schedule - with videos to be seen, assignments to be completed and live-sessions to be attended!

  • Blend of Live+Pre-recorded sessions

    7.5 hrs of Live Sessions for assignments, experience sharing and QnA.
    (In addition to the 5 Hours of pre-recorded video lessons)

  • Community learning experience

    Group assignments for peer-learning
    A vibrant discussion forum for QnA and knowledge sharing
    A forum to network and make friends!

With inputs from a Course Experience Designer

e-Course design is serious stuff. We collaborated with an expert

Course Experience Designer

Aditi Parekh

Aditi is a two-time Teaching Fellow and coach at the Harvard Kennedy School & Executive Education for their celebrated 'Public Narrative' course.

She now leads workshops on creating engaging online sessions. Professors from Harvard, Columbia and Stanford have found these practices helpful in taking their courses online.
Learn more about Aditi on her LinkedIn page

More questions? Great!

In case you have any questions other than these below, email me at ravishankar@storyrules.com

  • I'm not sure if this course will help me. Also, which of the two course options is right for me?

    As mentioned, the course is mainly for leaders who need to make or review data-heavy presentations for high-stakes situations at work. The course would also be vital for senior folks from Consulting, Analytics and Data Science who want to up their storytelling game.
    However, if you are from the domain of Technology, Marketing, B2B Sales or are a startup founder, then this course may not be the right one for you. A proposed course on 'Business Storytelling' will be launching next, which would be tailored for these audiences.

  • What is so different about this e-Course's design?

    This course uses a “flipped classroom” model.
    In a normal classroom, the trainer teaches the material live. After the class, you may be asked to do some assignments - or you may try applying the concepts at work. You get stuck... But are unable to get any live support... and you end up doing things the old, ineffective way.

    In a 'flipped classroom', you see the lectures (as pre-recorded videos) at your own convenience and pace. Then, you work on the assignments on your own and with your groups. While doing so, you can clarify any doubts immediately over the community discussion forum.
    And then you have the Live sessions with me, where the time is used more productively to solve specific issues (especially those that were most commonly faced by all).

  • What does a typical weekly schedule look like?

    We will start on a Saturday (mostly early May) with a 90-min live session, post which the first two module's videos would be released for viewing.
    You need to go through these, and then complete the assignment (if any) for the next live class.
    I'll be reviewing the assignments and providing overall feedback on them.
    At the end of the week, we will have another live session where I'll answer your questions, share my observations about the work submitted and share some of my own experiences on data storytelling.
    Throughout the week, if you want to ask any questions, share inputs, reading suggestions etc., you will have access to a community platform (Whatsapp or equivalent) to do the same.
    This is how each week's schedule will run for four weeks.

  • What would be my total time commitment for this course?

    You basically need to write off four weeks of your lif... Sorry, didn't mean to reveal that.
    You can estimate that you'll spend about 3-4 hours per week... so across the four weeks, around 12-14 hours.
    I understand it would be difficult for busy working professionals. But think of it as investing time for your future - time that will help you craft better data stories that get results at work!

  • When would the Live sessions happen? What if I can't make it to them?

    The live sessions would happen every Saturday between 10 pm to 11:30 am India time.
    These would be vibrant, engaging and enable you to solve specific challenges you are facing - so you should plan to attend them all!
    In the unfortunate event that you miss a live session, however, you will have access to all the session recordings and notes.

  • I've got a few more questions. Where can I get the dope?

    This is just the course pre-launch page. A more detailed course page with FAQs and other details would be added later.
    To be updated about the same, please sign up for the course updates.

I'm interested!

I'd love to transform my work outcomes. Please share more details and updates about the course via email.